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ISOWA Slitting Knvies and Carbide Grinding Stones

Model Corrugator CWDX Double-Deck Corrugator CWDD
Features This flagship corrugator is packed with Isowa’s technical knowledge and experience. The functionality of the CWDX on a double-deck space-saving footprint.
Max. Paper Width 2,500mm 2,500mm
Max. Production Speed Max. 350m/min Max. 350m/min
Line Length(Reference) 95m 68m
Number of Installations * 73 lines(Up to Dec. 2005) 11 Lines(Up to Dec. 2005)

Providing the Isowa Round Blades with Diamond Grinding Wheels;

Model Slitter Scorer HSS5
Number of Unit 1
Basic Structure 1 Unit 3 Axis each for Top and Bottom(Scorer, Scorer, Slitter)
Maximum Paper Width 1,800mm~2,500mm
Maximum Slit Width 1,800mm~2,500mm
Minimum Slit Width 190mm
Number of Slitter Knife 5~9 pcs
Outside Diameter of Slitter Knife Round Blade: 260mm
Maximum Number of Outs 4~8/Unit Outs
Minimum width between Scores 0mm
Maximum Number of Scores 8~16Scores (Up to 20 Scorers with Automatic Auxiliary Scorer Unit)
Trim Shear Hyper Trim Changer as Standard
Overall Dimensions *(Width×Length×Heights) 1,600mm×4,770mm×2,600mm
Number of Installation 26(Up to Dec.31.2007)


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