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Diamond Cutting Off Wheel 1A1R

    Diamond Cutting Off Wheel in 1A1R Shape. It is also called Diamond Parting Off wheel or Ultra thin diamond cutting wheel. It can be made in 2 different binders. Metal Bond Cut Off Wheels; Resin Binder Cut Off Wheels.

    Diamond Cut Off Wheels

    To cut tungsten carbide, glass, ceramic, silicon, glass fiber, graphite, ultra hard steel etc. 

    Cbn cut off wheels

    To cut hardened steel, cast iron, magnetic materials, bearing steel and other mould steel etc. 

Diameter Thickness Inner Hole  Width  Thickness of Rim
75 0.8 31.75 5-10 0.6
100 1 31.75 5-10 0.8
150 1.1 31.75 5-10 0.8
200 1.2 31.75 5-10 1

Besides the size above, the Cutting Off Wheel can also be produced as customers' design. 

Diamond Cutting Wheel is mainly for making grooving and cutting. 

High precision-used for precision grooving and cutting, reducing process.

Narrow Cutting crack, greatly improve the utilization ration of raw materials.

High Cutting efficiency and Long Service Life. 



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