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Commodity of Diamond Grinding Wheels-1A1R

   Diamond Cut Off Wheels in Resin/Metal Bond to Cut hard and brittle materials like tungsten carbide. The Diamond cut off wheel can be produced in coarse grit and fine grit to meet the different requirement of Surface Roughness.

   The choices for Diamond Cut Off Wheel Diameters can be φ50,φ75,φ100,φ125,φ150,φ200 etc.

              OD150-T2.54-H12.7-X8mm          OD125-T2.54-H12.7-X10mm

                        OD100-T2.0-H32-X4.0mm          OD100-T2.0-H32-X4.0mm               

       OD75-T2.0-H9.50-X4mm            OD50-T2.0-H9.5-X3mm

(PS: T-Thickness, H-Inner Hole can be produced tailored. )

   They will be produced in standard size. Read More-Cut Off Wheels Also we could produce them according to the customer's design. Send us inquiry, you will get the answer.


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