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Boron Nitride Grinding Wheels

To work with right tools for those tools to be in the right condition in the job. Cubic Boron Nitride(CBN) grinding wheels are pefrect for maching processes that call for sharp, well-maintained cutting tools. Such tools ensure precision and speed for the machinists and for the entire process. The correct boron grinding wheels, tool set-up and method of grinding for each type of tool are the key components to successfully sharpening cutting tools to their necessary specification and serve their intended function. 

Boron nitride on its own is a chemically and thermally resistant refractory compound of boron and nitrogen, existing in various crystalline forms. In its cubic form, cubic boron nitride, or CBN, is the second hardest material on earth behind the diamond. However, it has one key advantage over the diamond in that it does not chemically erode or wear away in the presence of certain other materials, which include graphite—although CBN is, like diamond, less stable than graphite—and other carbide forming elements such as nickel, iron or cobalt, during abrasive processing. Given its durability under such processing, CBN is the preferred product for the machining superalloys.

CBN differs from a diamond in another way in that it is only available as a synthesized material, as it does not occur naturally. This fact does not limit CBN in any way. Instead, it means that, similar to synthetic diamond, CBN can be tailored to provide exactly the precisely required traits for the specific application. Further, the key to this characteristic is CBN's ability to synthesize tetrahedral morphology in addition to the cubic and octahedral morphology, which also takes place in a diamond. This substance is available in the consistency of coarse grit down to micron powder and as sintered polycrystalline products, or polycrystalline diamond composites.


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