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Bond of Super Abrasive Grinding Wheels

In order to effectively grind a large range of materials, various bonding systems are used to hold the abrasive grits to the surface of the wheel. Resinoid, Vitrified, Metallic and Electroplated Bonds are mainly used.

Electroplated Bond, Nickel is the most commonly used metal because it has good plating qualities and provides excellent bonding strength. The bonding process makes it relatively easy to produce the wheels of any form or shape. Depending on the shape and size on steel core. This wheels shows such characteristics as highest stock removal capability, maximum abrasive  particle esposure and easily produce complex forms while consisting of a single layer of super abrasive particles bonded to the wheel surface.

Electroplated bonds are easily used for grinding deep forms such as gear teeth, cutting and grinding grooves of fast grinding with the advantages of fast grinding efficiency and no need dressing. 


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