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Problems of Corrugated Knives


1. The short working lifetime of corrugated board knives.
If the Grain Size of Grinding Wheels is proper?
Too coarse Grain Size of Grinding Wheels makes a short working life of knives.

2. The edges of corrugated boards but by knives with burr and dent;
Keep the edge of Cutting Knives with enough keen.
Corrugated board or Cardboard is too wet.

3. Break of Cutting Knives;
Improper Assembly; Deformed flange plate; Improper Screwing will cause the break; Any improper touch of the blades is strictly prohibited during the working;
Unstable swing grinding wheels, guarantee the blade's edge in the middle of 2 grinding wheels;
Accident collision of knives.

4. Chips on the cutting edge after the grinding;
Unstable swing grinding wheels may cause this problem, even break the knives; Cut the Hard things during the working

5. The edge of the corrugated board is not straight;
The unmatched strength of knives for the corrugated board with high density.
The cooperation between Top Slitting Knives and Bottom Knives

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