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What is the concentration of diamond grinding wheel

The concentration figure specifies the proprtion of diamond or cbn in the abrasive layer. As a general rule for the selection of the appropriate concentration, a high concentration can be recommended for small contact areas and coarse grits and a low concentration is advisable for large contact areas and fine grits.

The common concentration designations are as follows:


Diamond Weight

in Carats Per CM³ Abrasive Volumen


CBN Weight

in Carats Per CM³ Abrasive Volumen

C50 2.2CT/CM³  V120 2.09CT/CM³ 
C75 3.3CT/CM³  V180 3.13CT/CM³ 
C100 4.4CT/CM³  V240 4.18CT/CM³ 
C125 5.5CT/CM³  V300 5.22CT/CM³ 

The basic value C100 for diamond signifies that for every cm³ abrasive layer volume 4.4 carats of grit were used; The basic value V240 for cbn indicates that  24% by volume cbn were used in the abrasive coating. These data do not apply to electroplated wheels. 

Concentration is one of the most important parameters of a diamond or cbn wheel. It affects stock removal rate and wheel life and also the shape and dimension accuracy of the workpiece to be ground. However, this does not mean that the higher concentration is necessarily the most effective one for a given grinding task; The concentration must be suited to the other wheel parameters, the grinding technique and the operationlal conditions. 

The concentration defines the diamond or cbn content of the abrasive layer and thus contributes accordingly to the price of the wheel. 

High Concentration Chosen:

- High requirements for profile and edge stability

- Small abrasive layer thickness

- Hard Bond

- Coarser Grit

- Creep feed Grinding

Standard Concentration Chosen;

- Stright Wheels for surface and sylindrical grinding

- Cup Wheels for tools grinding

- Larger Abrasive Layer Thickness

- Soft Bond 

- Fine Grit

Low concentration chosen;

-Cup Wheels with extremey wide rim widths

- Wheel with extermely fine grit size. 

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