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Diamond Sharpening Wheel

Ctoolmake are very proud to offer diamond sharpening wheels to our users in 3 different grades; Coarse, Fine and Extra Fine. Diamond Sharpening Wheels are made of Diamond Abrasive and functions optimally in processing the Carbide, Glass, Ceramic, and solid carbide materials. 

Diamond Sharpening wheels are  constructed with a precision machined aluminum or steel frame. The frame is coated with Diamond Abrasive Layers. 


The diagram shows different types of material and their hardness according to the Knoop scale.

CBN is better suited when sharpening with a traditional bench grinder. The high speed generates heat, which would break down the diamond grits. With the Tormek method, where you sharpen at a low speed (90-100 rpm), we can offer the possibility to sharpen with the world's hardest material, diamond.


The diagram shows how the diamond’s hardness decreases at high temperature.

Sharpening with a low rotating speed is always beneficial. No heat is generated and there is no risk of overheating your tools.

Aren’t diamond and CBN the same thing?
No, they are two different materials. Diamond is the world’s hardest material and CBN the second hardest. Their structure resembles of each other, but diamond cannot be used at too high temperatures as the diamond grits will be broken down. Thanks to the low rotation speed on Tormek’s machines, diamond is the optimal choice.

If you need any grinding wheels in Diamond or CBN, contact with us without thinking.

With all our best wishes to you. 





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