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sharpening stone for Gerber autocutters

Gerber Sharpening Stones are specially designed to work with Gerber Knives as a complete cutting sharpening system.Sharpening Stone Wheel 43323000 80 Grit

Description: WHEEL, GRINDING, 80 GRIT, S-93-5/S-93-1Used for industrial cutter machine, model GT1000 cutter, GT5250 cutter, S5200 cutter, S93-1 C100 cutter, S93-5 C100/C100A cutter, S93-7 C100A

Item Type: Consumable, stones, grinding stones, sharpener stones, sharpening stones, Grinding Stones.

 What makes a Sharpenging Stone special?
1. Special selected cbn materials for critical uniformity and quality;
    Available Grit: 60#, 80#, 100#.

2. Brazing to the steel substrate creats sahrp cutting edge;
    We are professionally supplying spare parts for plotter, spreader and cutter machine, used for Gerber, Lectra, Yin, Bullmer, Investronica, Kuris and so on.



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