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Cubic boron nitride (CBN) grinding wheel, the second hardest materials after diamond, which is suitable for the processing of the following kinds of material products:  

(1) high manganese steel;

(2) high chromium, nickel, molybdenum alloy steel;

(3) chilled cast iron (HS80 ~ 90);

(4) all kinds of hardened steel (HRC40 ~ 65);

(5) all kinds of cast iron (HB200 ~ 400), and has been in the domestic automobile (gear, flywheel, shaft, bearing and other processing), roll, slurry pump mold, cylinder liner;

(6)To solve the high hardness of all walks of life in the cutting of hard materials, and can improve the efficiency of work.

According to the different processing technology and different components of the binder can be divided into the following four kinds. There are also differences in their nature and use

Resin Bond/Binder with obvious advantages to sharp the Hardened Steel performs higher efficiency.

Electroplated CBN grinding wheel; 

The forming process of grinding wheel is simple. Molding is simple but only a layer of coating, can not be corrected, in the process, it is difficult to know when the wear layer damage. Suitable for small batch machines. Machining and complex geometric shapes used for grinding and as finishing roller.

CBN Grinding Wheel with Metal Binder Performs strong formability and Long Lasting Time. 

CBN grinding wheel with ceramic binder

has the advantages of strong grinding force, high speed machining does not burn the workpiece, can be corrected and durable, and so on. CBN Grinding Wheel with Resin Binder Performs higher Grinding Efficiency.

>>> Shape Types of Diamond Grinding Wheels:


According to the appearance or shape, diamond grinding wheel can be divided into: parallel grinding wheel; Cylindrical grinding wheel; Cup wheel; Bowl wheel; Disc wheel; Edge grinding wheel; Mill, etc. Including the 

shapes of 1A1, 1A1R, 1V1, 4A2, 6A2, 11V2, 11A2, 12A2, 14A1, 14F1 cbn grinding wheels. 




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